27 Democrats Vote Against Making Flashing Children A Felony

(HorizonPost.com) – Democrats in Colorado voted against making flashing kids a felony. More than two dozen Democratic Party representatives objected to proposals to change the offense of indecent exposure to children from a misdemeanor to a felony, saying the law targeted the transgender community.

One Democrat, Leslie Herod, argued that the legislation would be used to prevent transexuals from using the restroom of the gender they “identify” with, and the proposals are part of an overall attack on trans rights. “I am very concerned about the attacks against the transgender community,” she added.

While the legislation does not address the use of bathrooms, there is worrying evidence that militant trans activists have, in fact, exposed themselves to children.

For example, in Minnesota recently, a drag performer known as Sasha Sosa, was reading to young children as part of a so-called “Drag Queen Story Hour.” Cameras captured the moment the drag artist’s crotch was exposed to the young kids sitting directly in front of him.

The Child Protection League Action group said the library that hosted the event was guilty of “debauchery.”

In Texas last year, a drag queen was filmed pulling up his skirt and singing sexually explicit lyrics in front of a very young child while adults offered him cash. State Rep. Bryan Slaton responded, saying this was “disgusting” and that Republicans in the Lone Star State would put a stop to it.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was among the first lawmakers to speak out against these displays. He has made legislative moves to ban kids from drag shows and threatened to use child protection laws to do so. Trans activists immediately attacked him as a tyrant, but he said he intends only to protect children.

Drag queens are men who dress in outrageous, supposedly “female” outfits and perform musical numbers on stage. They are traditionally a comedic adult affair, but in recent years, photos and films of children attending the events have appeared on social media and sparked a furious backlash.

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