3 San Francisco Officials Recalled

3 San Francisco Officials Recalled

(HorizonPost.com) – In January 2021, many California parents blasted the San Francisco School Board for concentrating on renaming 44 of the area’s public schools rather than educating children during the pandemic. As a result, residents voted to recall three board members on February 15 for pushing progressive ideals rather than doing what was best for San Francisco’s school children.

The board was reportedly slow to open many schools that were previously shuttered due to COVID-19 spread. This led to major controversy about the priorities of multiple school board members.

Now, the voters have spoken. Parents have recalled the school board’s president, vice president and commissioner.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed (D-CA) applauded the parents for fighting on behalf of their children. Those against the recall called the measure a waste of money, but local parents criticized the board for its backward priorities. One parent pointedly said action, not talk, is the only way to educate their children.

The ousted trio claimed they were simply doing what residents elected them to do. However, the majority of parents of the school children in San Francisco disagreed. Breed will have to appoint new members to the board to serve until the November elections. Political consultant David Ho pointed out the high stakes of this situation, stressing how important it is for Breed to bring in “competent” replacements.

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