3 Things You Can Do to Participate in Politics in 2021

3 Things You Can Do to Participate in Politics in 2021

(HorizonPost.com) – Every four years, the country elects the person who will be president for the next cycle, and many people forget about voting until the next time. However, the intervening three years still have elections that can impact one’s life in a much more direct manner. Here are three tips on how to get involved.

  1. Run for office — If that seems unrealistic, consider the case of Tony LaBranche, who at the age of 18 won a seat in the New Hampshire state legislature in November 2020.

  1. Speak up — A search of the Internet will generally turn up contact information for politicians at all levels, like the list here for members of the United States House of Representatives. Making your voice heard is important for inspiring change.
  1. Join a grassroots movement — Some ideas in this category include circulating a petition for an issue or spending time informing people about upcoming votes on a school or library levy that might benefit the community.

The most important thing is to become engaged and not let everybody else simply dictate what the future will hold. Sometimes the most fulfilling thing in life is in being part of something bigger than oneself.

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