A Hard Look at Biden’s First Year: What Did He Accomplish?

A Hard Look at Biden's First Year: What Did He Accomplish?

(HorizonPost.com) – January 20 marked one year since President Joe Biden’s inauguration as the 46th leader of the United States. As with any other POTUS sitting in the Oval Office, there have been areas where he made accomplishments and other places where he fell short. With all eyes on COVID-19 and its impact on the US and the world, it might be hard to remember all the events under this president’s watch since his first day in office. Here’s how Biden measured up to the tasks over the past year given he faced challenges related to the virus, Afghanistan withdrawal, the economy and inflation, immigration, climate change, voting rights and police reform.

What Biden Accomplished

With the president’s shaky approval ratings, one might think he couldn’t have any accomplishments under his belt. However, he made some strides over the past year in a few areas. In March, his administration passed the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 which provided much-needed stimulus to struggling families. He also signed the $1-trillion bipartisan legislation in November to provide funding for improving infrastructure across the country.

Although COVID-19 is still very much a part of American life, the Biden administration was instrumental in fully vaccinating about 64% of adults in America. The unemployment rate decreased to 3.9% over the past year and he oversaw the creation of 6.4 million jobs with wages up an average of 4.7%. While these changes are positive, Representative Cori Bush (D-MO) admits the United States needs “transformative change” to give the American citizens the improvements they need.

Where He Failed

Even if Biden had some accomplishments, there are many areas he fell short, disappointing voters on both sides of the political spectrum. The first glaring failure was the messy withdrawal from Afghanistan. Although he ended a 20-year war, the high cost was the quick fall of the Middle Eastern country and the tragic death of 13 US service members and many Afghans loyal to the US.

The president was unable to garner enough support from either party to pass the Build Back Better plan or any voting rights legislation. His inability to unite Republican and Democratic lawmakers for the good of the country led to the lack of progress on many pieces of legislation.

Another area of ongoing concern has been the rising crime rates in certain major cities.

In January, the Biden administration announced it will ship COVID-19 tests to Americans who request them and provide N95 masks for free, but with Omicron already ravaging the country, the move seemed too late.

Not only is inflation making life difficult for struggling American families, until recently, but many also didn’t believe the White House was taking the problem seriously. Voters have also failed to see any improvements at the border.

If Biden is going to impress the American people, he appears to have a long way to go.

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