Amazon Warehouse Evacuated After Workers Exposed To “Unknown Substance”

Amazon Warehouse Evacuated After Workers Exposed To

( – The Eastvale, California, fulfillment center of mega-giant online retailer Amazon saw a minor interruption on the evening of November 28. According to the Riverside County Fire Department, the hazmat squad, along with other units, responded to the location due to reports of an “unknown substance.”

They evacuated 150 employees and transferred 6 to local hospitals for “minor to moderate” injuries. The specialized crew swept the building to locate the cause of the fumes that overtook the employees, but they were unsuccessful.

This is not the first incident at that location to require evacuations. On Friday, August 21, firefighters responded to a similar call. A refrigerant leak inside the warehouse was the identified cause. Fortunately, there are no reports from either incident of people suffering serious or long-term problems.

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