Americans Dissatisfied With Biden’s Border Policies, Poll Finds

Americans Miss Donald Trump's Border Policies, Poll Finds

( – Many Americans have concerns about events at the country’s southern border — but that apparently doesn’t include Vice President Kamala Harris, who President Joe Biden appointed as the nation’s leader on the crisis. A new survey suggests many citizens are not in favor of the way the Harris/Biden administration is handling security there.

Fox News conducted a poll between April 18-21 covering a wide range of topics concerning the administration’s actions. The approval numbers looked bleak regarding the border between the US and Mexico.

When asked if they approve or disapprove of how Joe Biden is handling border security, 51% of voters disapproved. Asked if things are better or worse than two years ago — during President Donald Trump’s time in office — 15% of voters said they’re better, while 46% said they’re worse.

Eighty-six percent of Republicans said they were concerned about immigration. To say that the Biden/Harris administration is lax when it comes to this crisis is, apparently, a gross understatement.

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