Anti-Woke’ Brewers Back Riley Gaines Calendar

( – The brewer Ultra Right Beer last week released its 2024 calendar “Conservative Dad’s Real Women of America,” to help raise money for the conservative Riley Gaines Center, the Daily Caller reported.

According to Ultra Right Beer’s website, the calendars, made in the USA, feature “beautiful conservative women” including radio host Dana Loesch, “influencer” Ashley St. Clair, TimCast contributor Josie “The Redheaded Libertarian,” The BlazeTV’s Sara Gonzales, One America News executive producer Peyton Drew, and former swimmer Riley Gaines.

Ultra Right Beer said the calendar is meant to celebrate the conservative women who are fighting against wokeism “to preserve real women.”

The company will give 10 percent of the proceeds from the calendar’s sales to the Riley Gaines Center, the group Gaines established to keep biological men from participating in women’s sports.

While the response to the calendar has been generally positive, some social media users objected.

One user slammed the photo of one of the conservative models wearing “stripper heels while cooking a pie next to Jesus.” The user has since been suspended from X.

Other users criticized the spread as “tacky,” with one user suggesting that the calendar was “conceding the worldview” of the Left.

Ultra Right Beer was created by conservative commentator Seth Weathers following the blowback over Bud Light’s controversial partnership with transgender “influencer” Dylan Mulvaney. The beer company aims to counter “woke” culture, particularly the transgender movement.

According to State of the Union, Weathers said the calendar was not intended to “discredit” transgender women since there is “no such thing.” He said the country is in “stupid times” if saying that men can’t be women is “controversial.”

Weathers insisted that his calendar would be a reminder that “men can never replace the beautiful women of America.”

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