Bait-And-Switch: Greedy Gun Grabber Goes Too Far!

( – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau admitted that the gun control ban is going to be more restrictive than initially promised. While he once claimed that the legislation will not confiscate hunting rifles, he is now backtracking, according to Life Site News.

“Our focus now is on saying okay, there are some guns, yes, that we’re going to have to take away from people who were using them to hunt,” Trudeau said during an interview on CTV News.

Trudeau tried to alleviate the anger some might be feeling by saying that the government will make sure they have a list of acceptable firearms to purchase that can be used for hunting, whether they are shotguns or rifles. To justify the broken promise, Trudeau asserts that the government is confiscating some hunting rifles because they are “too dangerous in other contexts,” citing their high-capacity magazines and other technical concerns.

The prime minister’s comments come after he faced criticism from the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC). He accused them of spreading “disinformation” to “scare everyone as much as possible.”

Just two weeks ago on December 13, Trudeau spoke to the House of Commons reaffirming his commitment to keeping hunting rifles in Canadians’ hands.

Tracey Wilson, a spokesperson for the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR) called the legislation the “largest in Canadian history,” saying that this was always going to ban hunting rifles, despite its proponents trying to accuse the gun lobby and conservatives of “disinformation.”

Because of opposition from MPs, C-21 has been placed on hold until next year. The hold comes after Trudeau originally dubbed the bill as a restriction on handguns. Once the debate for the bill was over, his government added hunting rifles to the list of prohibited weapons.

The latest additions were publicly criticized by Indigenous Canadians, hunters, farmers, and opposition MPs. Some within Trudeau’s party have also broken rank to come out against the bill.

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