Bear Goes Viral After Walking Into Convenience Store

Bear Goes Viral After Walking Into Convenience Store

( – A person never knows who will walk through the door of a convenience store to buy snacks or a drink for the day. However, it’s reasonable to assume the customers to be human. On November 16, a 7-Eleven clerk in Lake Tahoe got a big surprise when a big brown bear waltzed in the front door looking for some snacks of his own.

Although the incident wasn’t the first time Rachelle Ducusin saw the tagged bear near the store, the animal never came inside before that day.

Initially, the employee met the bear in the parking lot, where she tried to stop him from digging through the trash cans. The annoyed creature charged her twice, chasing her inside and prompting her to call 911 for help. However, the bear wasn’t done with Ducusin. He promptly entered the 7-Eleven, played with the hand sanitizer station, and poked the freezer looking for treats. Even after the bear was finally gone, reports say he returned later to rummage through the garbage.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife manager Kevin Thomas said the bear followed a learned behavior from eating human food. The organization tags these bears and attempts to recondition them once again to forage in the wild.

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