Biden Administration Issues National Terrorism Advisory Due to “Heightened Threat Environment”

Biden Administration Issues National Terrorism Advisory Due to

( – President Joe Biden’s administration isn’t even 10 days old, and already there have been hints on the attitude they intend to take when it comes to people and groups who don’t buy into their Agenda. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has used its official channels to issue a terrorism advisory bulletin that seems targeted at people with Conservative values.

The wording of the release gives some idea about DHS’s focus by twice referencing those who may oppose the outcome of the presidential election from November and might be angry over the COVID-19 restrictions in some areas of the country. Couple this with the actions of the social media giants and the new administration’s plans to keep National Guard troops patrolling the streets of Washington, DC, until the end of March (at least), and things begin to come into focus.

Progressives in Congress and the entertainment industry have commented about retaliating against former President Donald Trump’s supporters. For example, some have even suggested the need to “deprogram” those who dissented against election irregularities. None of this is what America is supposed to be about. None of this promotes unity.

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