Biden Announces New Series of Gun Control Measures

Biden Announces New Series of Gun Control Measures

( – Today’s Democratic Party embraces the idea “never let a crisis go to waste,” and no more so than when it comes to gun violence and the Second Amendment. President Joe Biden exemplified this when he announced a series of executive orders on April 8, putting his administration and the Democrat-controlled Congress on the path of gun control, calling arguments based on the amendment “phony.”

The Supreme Court: District of Columbia v Heller

Liberals have, and still do, argue that the Second Amendment only applies to actual service in a military organization, but the Supreme Court shot that down in 2009. In a 5-4 decision, the justices effectively scratched out the phrase about a “well regulated [sic] militia,” which should have stopped that argument in its tracks.

However, the part that says “shall not be infringed” was left in place, and the Progressives often act like that was the part blasted out every time someone is involved in a mass shooting. And Biden’s order is no different, except that he’s instructing the executive branch to ignore the court rulings.

Just the Beginning

Throughout the 2020 election campaign and now into the actual administration, he has signaled a willingness to walk the nation into a position more in line with what gun-control fanatics seek. His executive orders include asking the Department of Justice (DOJ) to develop proposals for “red flag” laws that states can impose.

The Leftists are not above… nudging?… inflating?… the truth using fear-mongering to unite their constituents. One example includes the March 23 events in a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado, where they and the mainstream media proclaimed to the world that the shooter used an assault rifle. In fact, it was a Ruger model 556 pistol with an add-on stock extension.

With the hook set, Biden announced he would use his pen to ban the accessory because it made the handgun “look” like a different weapon. Are Liberals employing smoke, mirrors, half-truths and all-out lies to destroy the Constitution?

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