Biden Brings in Top Obama Official for Key Role

Biden Brings in Top Obama Official for Key Role

( – The song titled “Everything Old Is New Again” certainly seems to apply in Washington, DC, these days with the looming potential of a Biden/Harris administration. Joe Biden’s wish list for high-level positions is chock-full of retreads from the Barack Obama years, causing concern among Republicans and the Leftist segment of his own party.

According to one report, approximately 80% of those potential nominees were part of the prior administration in one capacity or another. This includes Wendy Sherman, who’s been nominated as Deputy Secretary of State to serve under Antony Blinken, another Obama-era official. She formerly held the position of Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs between 2011-2015. Notably, she helped design the Iran Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which President Donald Trump’s administration exited.

Her nomination and many others have raised concerns among hard-core Liberals that the executive branch will not be the younger, more diverse one Biden promised while campaigning.

Raising eyebrows on the Right, he has submitted choices for positions within the State Department who were deeply involved in Obama’s back-channel deal with Iran’s Islamist regime. Considering the intimate business relationships his son Hunter allegedly has with the Chinese government and the coddling Obama-era nominees have given to the worst nation-state supporter of terrorism, people’s concerns about the direction foreign relations may take appear to be justified.

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