Biden Ends Trump’s Successful Negotiations With 3 Central American Nations

Biden Ends Trump's Successful Negotiations With 3 Central American Nations

( – President Joe Biden has yet to finish a full month in office, and with the record number of executive orders and other directives he’s signed, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to suspect the White House of running out of paper and pens for him to use. On February 6, the State Department announced the decision to dismantle another policy former-President Donald Trump put in place as part of his effort to secure the southern US border.

The administration has elected to terminate the “Asylum Cooperative Agreements” negotiated with El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, which said those seeking asylum here would first have to do so there. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) website says these deals were made to keep people safe rather than “putting their lives in the hands of smugglers and criminal organizations” during their journey to the border.

The Democrats have rapidly shown they have no intention of consulting with Republicans by their high-handed actions to date. They seem to have decided that becoming the majority gives them a mandate to implement their Agenda.

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