Biden Faces Criticism for Reversal of Trump’s China Proposal

Biden Faces Criticism for Reversal of Trump's China Proposal

( – If nothing else, President Joe Biden has proven that he knows how to sign his name, given the number of executive orders and other missives he’s issued in his attempt to purge the nation of anything associated with former President Donald Trump. Normally, he does this with great pomp and circumstance, but he executed one action more subtly. Even so, it still caught the attention of several Republicans, and they’re not happy about it.

The prior administration proposed a rule that would’ve required American colleges to disclose any relationship with Communist China-funded “Confucius Institutes,” which the red government started in 2004. President Biden rescinded it.

Biden is already receiving criticism for it, with leaders like Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) making their objections known. Cotton claimed in a statement that Confucius Institutes “are front groups for the Chinese Communist Party.” He also said that the government needs to either have them shut down or require full disclosure of their agreements.

Even the Liberal-biased media has expressed concerns about the potential for Biden’s complacency where the Asian nation is concerned. The website made an earth-shattering (at least for them) observation in December, saying, “Here Trump had the sharper view.”

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