Biden Gag Gets Laughter From Audience

( – President Joe Biden elicited laughter from the crowd during a speech in Belfast, Northern Ireland at Ulster University, according to Mediaite. The president reportedly uses the gag frequently. The visit marked the 25th anniversary of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement and the White House issued a statement reiterating their support for the province’s economic benefits to the U.S.

Biden turned to the audience sitting high and told them not to jump. He then said that his father used to apologize for them seeing his back. After that, he reaffirmed the support that the Irish can expect from Americans. He reportedly uses the joke to “break the ice.” 

As he delivered pizzas to firefighters in September 2020, he faced a pro-Trump heckler standing on top of a truck with a bullhorn. Biden looked at the heckler and told him, “Don’t jump!” The man continued to demonstrate as Biden gave the pizzas to the firefighters and quipped that he was “worried my staff was going to keep them.”

Another one of Biden’s favorite jokes is to call himself “Jill’s husband.” During a visit to the Vatican to hold an audience with Pope Francis, he was meeting a line of dignitaries. He reportedly quipped that he is the “only Irishman you’ve ever met who’s never had a drink.”

The president enjoys a favorability lead over Republican challenger and former President Donald Trump. In a hypothetical race between Trump and Biden, a Quinnipiac poll shows that Biden leads Trump 49% to 45%, according to Fox News. But while Republicans might favor Trump over DeSantis, the general public does not appear favorable to Trump. 

In key battleground states, DeSantis does better than Biden, according to Interactive Polls. In Pennsylvania, DeSantis has a three-point lead, whereas Biden holds a four-point lead over Trump. In Arizona, DeSantis holds a six-point lead over Biden but Biden leads Trump by one point.

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