Biden Goes On Swearing Rant About His Old Age

( – The current president, Joe Biden, who just turned 80, reportedly finds it annoying that the media is focusing so much on his age and the potential impact it could have on his decision regarding whether or not he should run for reelection.

On Tuesday, Jonathan Martin of Politico took a deep dive into what he called the “eerily quiet” 2024 presidential race between former President Donald Trump and the yet-to-decide Joe Biden. Martin referred to the race as “eerily quiet.” Even though it is still December of 2022, Martin’s column notes, “The 2024 presidential campaigns of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden are fraught with ambiguity.”

This indicates that other candidates for the presidency are keeping a low profile — at least for the time being.

Martin, the Chief of the Politics Bureau at Politico and a Senior Political Columnist for the publication, reports that Biden whined to allies about how often his age is mentioned in the press.

Earlier this year, he was overheard saying to one, “You think I don’t know how f*cking old I am?”

But who can say for sure what the future holds for someone who just celebrated their 80th birthday a few weeks ago? Sorry, Biden, you’re old. You look and act your age, which is not a good thing.

Martin argues that while Trump’s campaign is struggling due to neo-Nazi diner scandals, ongoing legal trouble, and a non-stop obsession with the presidential election in 2020, Biden may lose his “raison d’etre” for reelection, which is to stop Trump and protect democracy.

“What’s the current president’s rationale if, by the start of 2024, it’s clear the former president isn’t a viable contender?” Martin asks.

Who knows if Biden can even finish a second term?

Martin then cited an influential Democrat on the subject in his writing, saying:

Rep. Mike Levin (D-Calif.), who saw President Joe Biden work a rope line at a rally for the president’s reelection shortly before the midterm elections, said, “I just hope and pray that when I am in my 80s, I still have that kind of energy.” Biden worked the rope line at a rally for the president’s reelection shortly before the midterm elections.

That speaks more to Levin’s energy or lack of it than if Biden is vigorous enough for the demands of a second term.

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