Biden Hits Milestone with 200 Judge Appointments

( – The US Senate last Wednesday confirmed the 200th judge nominated by President Biden after it approved Angela Martinez for the US District Court in Arizona.

The Senate has confirmed 42 federal appeals judges, 155 US federal district court judges, two for the Court of International Trade, and Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Forty vacancies remain in the federal courts and another 28 positions will become vacant soon, according to the US Courts. The Senate still has another two dozen Biden judicial nominees pending.

In a statement marking Biden’s 200th confirmation, the White House noted that 64 percent of the judges the president appointed were women and 62 percent were “people of color.”

Biden vowed to continue selecting people who “excel in their professional careers” and “reflect the communities they serve.”

On the same day that the Senate confirmed Biden’s 200th judge, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a confirmation hearing for another Biden nominee, New York Judge Sarah Netburn, who was grilled by Republican committee members over her decision to place a convicted serial rapist in a women’s prison because he claimed to be transgender.

While Biden has had more judges confirmed than either President Obama or President Trump by the same time in their first term, it is unclear if the president can ultimately surpass the total number of judges appointed by Donald Trump before the end of his first term.

President Trump had 234 judges confirmed to the federal bench during his four years in office. With several Democrat senators up for reelection this year, the Senate schedule in the lead-up to November may make it difficult for Biden to surpass Trump’s total.

Following Judge Martinez’s confirmation, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer lauded it as a “major milestone,” saying that the president’s nominees are comprised of “the most diverse slate” of any president in US history.

Schumer said that it had “taken too long” to get the federal judiciary to be as diverse as the rest of the country.

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