Biden Makes Claim That He Studied ‘As A Student Of Persian Culture’

( – President Biden has made another bizarre claim about his background and described himself as a “student of Persian culture.” He was hosting an event at the White House to celebrate the Iranian new year when he made the remarks. Following some musical performances, the President said, “The Persian culture is amazing. As a student of Persian culture, not as a practitioner, but as a student, it’s incredible where the world is and where it would have been without Persian culture. I mean it.” It is unclear what a student of Persian culture is. Still, the President appears to have a personal anecdote for every situation and tries to tie himself to every group somehow.

Only days previously, on St. Patrick’s Day, Biden described himself as Irish – but not really Irish because he doesn’t drink – and he was mocked in January when he claimed he had attended a black church every morning in Delaware as a young man. When speaking to Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, he made this claim to mark Martin Luther King day. 

The President has a long string of false claims to his name, some of them truly outlandish. He claimed to have been arrested as a civil rights protestor, but there is no evidence for this. When speaking to a group of truckers, he said he “used to drive an 18-wheeler.” During a discussion on gay marriage, he said he has supported it since his teenage years, despite records showing he has opposed it several times during his long political career. In the run-up to the 2020 Presidential election, he claimed to have been arrested in South Africa. He embellished this claim further by declaring that Nelson Mandela had embraced him and thanked him for putting himself at risk of detention for the anti-apartheid cause. The claim was denied by the US ambassador to the UN, who was with Biden at the time. His campaign was forced to attempt to “clarify” the story but eventually to concede that it was untrue.

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