Biden Says He WON’T Change This – Sealing His Fate?

Biden Says He Won’t Change A Thing After Election

( – According to reports, Joe Biden believes he does not need to do anything in the next two years to win over new votes- because he is that good.

A reporter remarked at a news conference that 75 percent of voters believe the nation is moving in the wrong path. The reporter queried what Biden would do differently over the next two years to impact the public’s opinion of the country’s direction.

“Nothing,” replied Biden, because he thought the public had just discovered what he was doing. The greater the understanding of what he is doing, the greater their support.

It has been two years. Did he miss the part about the 75 percent?

According to reports, Biden then asked the reporter if he knew anybody who wanted us to eliminate the change he made on prescription drug prices and raise prices again.  To walk away from building those roads and bridges, the Internet, and so on. He said he didn’t, and much of his agenda was starting to kick in.

By “kick in,” he must mean the higher fuel and home heating prices, the higher interest rates, medications, food bills, business closures, and rising crime rates. Great agenda, Joe! 

Video reports show that Biden stated he ran for three reasons. And he fully understood the legitimate concern that what he was saying was wrong.  

Biden then said his administration is going to restore the soul of the country and begin to treat each other with decency, honor, and integrity. The second thing is he wanted to build a country from the middle out and the bottom up.

Biden claimed that the third thing is still very hard. He is going to do everything in his power to that he unites the country.  One can’t sustain a leading democracy in the world if one can’t generate some unity.

But according to Biden’s own words outside of his recent statement, his idea of unity excludes the “MegaMAGA folks.”

Biden concluded his presser by claiming that he would not change anything fundamentally.

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