Biden Says PLAN Coming – “We’re Going To…”

Biden On 2024: “We’re Going To Have A Discussion”

( – President Joe Biden said that he will discuss a potential 2024 presidential run with his family during a press conference a day after the midterm elections. The solo conference was the third of his term, with the latest being in January.

He began by saying that “while the press and the pundits are predicting a giant red wave, it didn’t happen,” according to the Daily Caller.

“While any seat lost is painful—some good Democrats didn’t win last night—Democrats had a strong night, and we lost fewer seats in the House of Representatives than any Democratic president’s first midterm election in the last 40 years, and we had the best midterm for governors since 1986,” Biden said.

NBC News has projected that Republicans will have a three-seat majority in the House, 219-216, a far cry from a red wave that the GOP had anticipated earlier in the year. But Democrats reportedly maintained control of the Senate.

Biden discussed progress made by Democrats and his administration, noting that he has the power to veto any legislation that comes his way from congressional Republicans. He then took questions from reporters, with one asking what his prospects are for another term.

“How do you interpret last night’s results in terms of deciding whether you want to seek another term? Is it now more likely that you will run, and what’s going to be your timeline for consideration?” Reuters’ Steve Holland asked Biden.

“My intention is that I run again, but I am a great respecter of fate, and this is ultimately a family decision,” Boden replied, adding that everyone wants him to run but it is too early to make that call. “My guess is it will be early next year we make that judgment.”

When asked whether exit polls showing two-thirds of Americans not wanting him to run will affect his decision, Biden answered in the negative. When asked what he will do “to change people’s opinion of the direction of the country,” he said “nothing.”

Our intention is to run again. That’s been our intention. Regardless of the outcome of this election,” Biden said.

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