Biden’s Border Policies Fuel Movement To Oust Him From The Ballot

( – Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick last Tuesday suggested that Texas should follow Colorado’s lead and remove President Joe Biden from the ballot over the crisis at the US border, The Hill reported.

In an interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham, the Republican Lt. Governor discussed the state’s new law that allows Texas law enforcement to arrest migrants illegally crossing the border.

The law, signed by Governor Greg Abbott last Monday, gives law enforcement the authority to arrest and jail illegal migrants and allows state judges to issue what amounts to deportation orders.

Patrick noted that, unlike Arizona’s border reform law from a decade ago, the Texas law simply allows state law enforcement to take migrants into custody to run background checks, fingerprint, and photograph them. If they crossed the border illegally, a magistrate judge would send them back.

The Lt. Governor said for illegal aliens who cross the border again, “we rearrest them again” and “the penalty gets even higher.”

Patrick told Ingraham that Texas was “fed up” and said that seeing what happened in the Colorado Supreme Court, made him think. He suggested that Texas should remove Joe Biden from the ballot “for allowing 8 million people to cross the border” since he took office. He explained that Biden’s actions have disrupted the state “more than anything anyone else has done in recent history.”

He noted that under the Biden presidency, Border Patrol has been encountering 10,000 to 14,000 people a day. He said the eight million illegals that have crossed into the US since Biden took office amounts to the population of the 12th largest state in the country.

The new Texas law has already been challenged in court. However, Lt. Governor Patrick was optimistic that the state would prevail. He told Laura Ingraham that in crafting the legislation, Texas lawmakers were certain they wrote a measure that would survive a legal challenge.

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