Biden’s COVID Forecast Leaves Many Questioning Approach

Biden's COVID Forecast Leaves Many Questioning Approach

( – It appears the Progressive Liberals are at it again flip-flopping on their past commentary in what may be an attempt to engender fear among the American people. This time it revolves around a model that professes to be able to predict where the COVID-19 pandemic will lead as far as the number of cases and deaths in the coming months. They are now touting it in support of presidential candidate Joe Biden’s promise to enact a nationwide lockdown, the same one they panned earlier in the pandemic.

Current Model

Biden’s campaign team, in concert with the Liberal media, is blaring warnings based on predictions from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME). Their latest model projects a massive upswing in both infections and deaths from December 2020 until March 2021.

As of November 14, 2020, the statistics tracker from Johns Hopkins University puts the number of Americans killed by the coronavirus at just over 242,000 people with the new reading of the tea leaves forecast from the Institute claims that number will jump to 320,000 by New Year’s Day and almost 440,000 by March 1, 2021.

The Leftist media outlets, never ones to let a good crisis go to waste even if it is just a theory, are taking full advantage of this to prepare the masses to follow sheepishly along with the hypothetical Biden/Harris administration. CNBC, for example, recently ran with the story entitled “U.S. Prepares for Worst Four Months of the Pandemic as It Stares Down the ‘Darkest’ Days Yet.”

The U-turn

Perhaps the reason this seems like nothing more than an attempt to bolster the Left’s narrative is because of the attitude that left-leaning media used earlier in the crisis. When President Donald Trump and his advisors were using the IMHE predictive model, the Liberal media had headlines like this:

  • The Washington Post on May 5, 2020: The White House’s Self-serving Approach to Estimating the Deadliness of the Coronavirus.
  • The Vox website on May 2, 2020: This Coronavirus Model Keeps Being Wrong. Why Are We Still Listening to It?
  • The STAT* website on April 17, 2020: Influential Covid-19 Model Uses Flawed Methods and Shouldn’t Guide U.S. Policies, Critics Say.

It leaves one to wonder, how did such a horrible prognosticator of future events suddenly become the gold standard to rely on? A cynic might conclude that it is an attempt to make the citizens of the country more accepting of the Democrat party line that the unofficial crowning of Joe Biden as President will become the truth. Then again, maybe not, since “truth” seems to have been removed from their dictionaries.

*STAT is a digital news site geared to health and medical topics and is produced by Boston Globe Media.

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