Biden’s New Plan to Affect Miners, Report Says

Biden's New Plan to Affect Miners, Report Says

( – “It’s not that hard to dig a hole,” a source in President Joe Biden’s administration said regarding miners while discussing the plan to import metals like tungsten, copper, and rare earths used for electric vehicles (EV) parts. Officials within the administration said Biden wants to focus on producing the actual parts for export globally without worrying about producing domestically sourced raw materials, which may be hung up in environmental red tape. Pursuing that policy will likely cost American jobs and enrich other countries.

This position is a flip from what he said while campaigning towards his victory in the 2020 presidential election when he talked about actually increasing production within the country’s border. Because of his campaign rhetoric, several large mining companies had increased efforts to obtain EPA approval for operations to mine copper ore from the ground in Minnesota. But now, Representative Betty McCollum (D-MN) has introduced legislation to block at least one of the bids permanently.

Despite claims from the Democratic party that they represent blue-collar workers across the country, the Progressive Left faction’s rise seems to be moving things in a decidedly green direction now. The tune that Progressives are singing is that environmental concerns outweigh the desperately-needed jobs for American miners.

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