Bill Clinton AMBUSHED – Asked To Answer One Simple Question!

Bill Clinton Ambushed Over Relationship With Epstein

( – Former US President Bill Clinton dismissed questions regarding his association with human trafficking financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Video reports show Bill Clinton laughed and stated that he thought the evidence was clear before being escorted away by security.

What? Was that a confession?

According to reports, the former President, 76, traveled to Texas to campaign for Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar in Laredo before continuing to the Rio Grande Valley to support Democrat candidate Michelle Vallejo.

Clinton was one of the influential corporate and political figure pieces that Epstein had in his collection. But Clinton has consistently denied any wrongdoing and involvement in Epstein’s perverse web of devious behaviors. While awaiting his human trafficking trial in August 2019, Epstein allegedly killed himself in his cell.

So, Jeffrey Epstein won’t be down for breakfast to explain his connection to Bill and Hillary over pain perdu and Black Ivory coffee.

Reports show disgraced heiress Ghislaine Maxwell, his former best friend and wingman, used her high society charm to entice the wealthy into Epstein’s sinister web.

The enigmatic financier, whose source of money has long been a mystery, was invited to the Clinton White House at least 17 times between 1993 and 1995.

Additionally, Clinton took several flights on Epstein’s private aircraft, which was ominously called “Lolita Express,” in reference to the minors that Maxwell and Epstein smuggled throughout the world.

Chelsea Clinton’s former first daughter invited Maxwell to her 2010 wedding.

Reports show that following Epstein’s death in 2019, Bill Clinton claimed in a statement that his visits on the Lolita Express were made in support of the Clinton Foundation and that he was traveling with a group that included Secret Service personnel and aides.  Clinton claimed he knew nothing about the horrific acts Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to in Florida or New York.  It further stated that the previous president only paid Epstein one “short” visit with his employees and security. They also got together at Clinton’s office in Harlem.

Clinton claimed he hadn’t spoken to Epstein in over ten years and hadn’t visited his property in New Mexico, Florida, or Little St. James Island, according to the 2019 statement.

The cover-up continues.

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