Bill Gates’ New Girlfriend’s Daughter Investigates Abusers

( – Microsoft founder Bill Gates is dating Paula Hurd, the widow of the former Oracle CEO Mark Hurd, whose daughter is a journalist currently investigating child welfare agencies. Kathryn Hurd has a Master’s degree from UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. The Berkeley journalism school received an $800,000 donation from Gates in 2021.

The Hurd family has close connections to the powerful US political elite. Kelly Hurd, the second daughter of Gate’s new girlfriend, is married to Tommy Umberg, son of a Democratic State Senator with close ties to the Clintons, while his mother is Brigadier General Robin Umberg, who was appointed by former President Clinton to the board of the US Military Academy at West Point. 

Mark Hurd, who died in 2019, had been the CEO of Oracle, as well as Chairman of Hewlett-Packard. He was accused of harassing female colleagues during his career and was said to have paid out more than $1 million in hush money to fend off complaints. 

Gates and Hurd have been dating for over a year. 

Kathryn Hurd was heavily involved in the creation of the documentary American Insurrection in 2021. The program documents the rise of what it calls far-right groups and argues that such groups were emboldened by Donald Trump and their rhetoric led to the events that took place on Capitol Hill on January 6th, 2021, when crowds marched on Congress and riots broke out. Trump has been blamed by the mainstream media and establishment despite his repeated calls for peace. 

Gates split from his wife of 27 years in 2021. The couple has three children. He founded Microsoft in 1975 and is one of the world’s richest men. Paula Hurd has a background in technology and has worked as a tech executive for NCR, a digital banking company. She currently works as an event planner. 

The new couple is reported to enjoy a shared love of tennis and were seen together in Melbourne at the time of the Australian Open grand-slam tournament in January. 

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