Bizarre Theft Leaves Florida Woman Speechless

( – An Orange County, Florida woman returned home in late December to a bizarre finding: her concrete driveway had been stolen while she and her family were away, WSVN reported.

According to Amanda Brochu, when she decided to place her house on the market, at least five different contractors showed up at her property to measure her concrete slab driveway. One of the contractors told her that a man named Andre had asked him to provide an estimate on replacing the slab.

When the contractor asked for an in-person meeting with Andre, he said he was out of town. The contractor then requested proof of ownership of the property and Andre cut off communication.

Brochu contacted the police. They spoke with Andre who claimed it had been a mistake and he had provided the wrong address.

The following week, Brochu’s doorbell camera captured the driveway theft as a bulldozer tore out the concrete slab and hauled it away.

Brochu’s real estate agent Rocki Sanchez told WSVN that neither she nor anyone else in her office had ever seen anything like this before.

While Sanchez believes that Brochu is a scam victim, neither of them knows exactly what the scam entails.

Sanchez said other realtors have said they’ve seen similar thefts from homes that were for sale, including thefts of driveways and roofing.

Brochu said she can’t afford the $10,000 quote to have the concrete driveway replaced. She said if she can’t get the driveway fixed and the home sold by the middle of January, she will have to back out of the contract on the new home she planned to buy.

Brochu’s family has set up a page on GoFundMe to raise money for the driveway replacement.

In the meantime, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the theft.

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