Boebert’s Campaign Funds Spent at Controversial Bar, Report Reveals

( – The New York Post reported this week that Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s reelection campaign spent hundreds at the Aspen bar co-owned by the man she was caught canoodling with at a performance of “Beetlejuice” last month.

According to a campaign filing with the Federal Elections Commission, Boebert’s campaign spent $317.48 at the Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar in late July.

Boebert faces an uphill reelection fight in 2024 after barely avoiding defeat by a mere 546 votes during last year’s midterm elections.

According to Boebert’s third-quarter FEC filing, Boebert’s campaign brought in a mere $853,840 in the third quarter of 2023 and has $1,434,675 cash on hand, a drop in the bucket compared to her Democrat challenger Adam Frisch.

Politico reported earlier this month that Boebert’s Adam Frisch, who came close to unseating Boebert last year, raked in a massive $3.4 million during the third quarter of 2023 as he seeks to challenge her again in 2024, bringing his total cash on hand to a staggering $4.3 million.

According to the Frisch campaign, the average donation during Quarter 3 was less than $32.

In a statement accompanying his third-quarter fundraising, the Democrat said his campaign haul was boosted by more than 100,000 individual donations.

It is likely that Boebert’s behavior in office, particularly her antics at “Beetlejuice” last month, went a long way in boosting Frisch’s third-quarter haul.

According to Politico, Frisch’s fundraising last quarter aligned more closely with nationally recognized Senate candidates like Arizona Democrat Ruben Gallego and Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey than the average House candidate.

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