Boston Council Member Calls For A Revolution

( – Some members and staffers from the Boston City Council are growing increasingly disturbed by the frequent outbursts and diatribes from Democrat councilwoman Tania Fernandes Anderson, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Fernades Anderson, who was first elected in 2021, describes herself as Boston’s first elected “undocumented” immigrant and Muslim official. Since taking office on the City Council, Fernandes claimed that she sought equity through “revolution” by dismantling “the White backdrop” of America.

A staffer from city hall told Fox News that Fernandes Anderson was a “troubled person” who had made city hall an “unhealthy” environment by accusing people of racism to force them to fall into line.

The staffer said people who work in city hall are “intimidated” by the councilwoman and some councilmembers cave to her demands “because she’s unpredictable.”

In an interview before taking office, Fernandes Anderson said “systemic racism” must be overthrown to “create a revolution that brings about change.”

Her time in office has been marked by frequent outbursts at public meetings in which she often curses, yells, and screams, according to the staffer.

The staffer claimed that Fernandes Anderson uses the tirades to threaten her opponents.

In one profanity-laced tirade during a city council meeting on redistricting in 2022, Fernandes Anderson accused the city council of being “depraved,” stupid, and “racially divided.” Accusing the council members of racism, she demanded to know what “the f*ck” she had to do to get “respect as a black woman” from the “f*cking council.”

Fernandes Anderson doesn’t reserve her profane outbursts for public meetings. She is equally abusive and profane in private messages she sends to other council members.

In a text message to colleagues, Fernandes Anderson threatened council members, accusing them of harboring “evil resentments.” She demanded that her colleagues “toughen the f*ck up.”

According to the anonymous staffer, since the war in Gaza, Fernandes Anderson’s focus on passing resolutions against Israel has gotten in the way of her duties as a city council member and to her constituents.

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