Brett Farve Wants A Boycott Against Fox News

( – The firing of Tucker Carlson from Fox News is still upsetting people, with more and more calling for a boycott of the network. Now, former NFL quarterback Brett Farve is urging people to stick with Tucker and not watch the network, according to Just the News.

“I’m with Tucker,” he wrote, quoting a clip from Megyn Kelly who was discussing how Fox News was expecting the audience that tuned in every day to watch the popular host to continue watching them. 

Kelly said that the network executives are expecting the audience to forgive them because they have no other choice. She mentioned a debate, likely referencing the upcoming primary debates for 2024. She then called people who will return to Fox News “laptops” because they won’t switch over the Newsmax or go to digital media. 

Fox News has lost ratings since Tucker’s departure, particularly in the key demographic for ages 25-54, according to American Pigeon. “Tucker Carlson Tonight” reportedly pulled in around three million viewers a night, but since he left, the network has been on a decline. 

Conservative commentator John Doyle reportedly argued that most viewers on Fox News will not leave the network entirely. “I know we want Fox to tank, but we just don’t have the organization for that to happen and so it won’t,” he said, adding that because the network’s viewers are the same people who voted for Bush and Romney it would not be crazy to think that they can pivot back to the way things were prior to 2016. Tucker has largely been silent since the departure was announced but released two videos. While the first was a cryptic message about how the media does not focus on important topics, a new video released earlier this week suggests that he is going to release his new show on Twitter.

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