Camera Catches Woman Trying To Lure 4yo From Home

( – A 44 year-old woman from Ohio has been charged with impersonating an officer, child enticement, and burglary and is being held in a Cincinnati county jail on a $10,000 bond after two concerned parents reviewed their home security footage and filed a report with the police. 

Outside Jamie Spradlin’s suburban home in Norwood County, her surveillance camera caught Lisa Nacrelli approaching their 4 year-old son as he played on a bicycle just feet from his front door. Footage shows Nacrelli talking to the boy, as well as stroking his back and hair, for several minutes before the boy ran back into the house to fetch his mother. While he retreated into the house, Nacrelli waited outside and puffed on an electronic cigarette. She made no attempt to leave the area at this point, instead waiting for the child to return with his mother, Jaimie Spradlin. 

When Spradlin questioned Nacrelli, the latter claimed to be from Child Protective Services and said that she was acting on a complaint made against the family. Jaimie Spradlin told reporters that Nacrelli was able to name the children, and convinced her to let her inside the house to inspect it. Jaimie and her husband Tim allowed the woman inside, but felt uneasy when she left without leaving any contact details for them. They later spoke to CPS and found out that she did not work for them, and that no complaint had been made against them.

Following her arrest, Nacrelli claimed that she had been heavily drinking in the hours leading up to the incident. She decided to leave her home, situated only one block away from the Spradlins’ house, in order to purchase more alcohol. She said that she saw a boy playing outside without adequate supervision and decided to frighten the parents by pretending to be from the CPS. Jaimie Spradlin, however, says that her son was asked by Nacrelli three times to follow her to her car, where she said she had a car seat waiting for him. 

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