“Candy Kids” Scammer Arrested With Gun in Bag

(HorizonPost.com) – Creating an effective sales pitch can be an intimidating task for any level of entrepreneur, but using force to close the deal is never good for business. To bring in some cash, Michael Smith from New Jersey tried to sell candy to tourists in Central Park, New York. In December, the scheme got him arrested when police found a .357 Magnum in his bag.

When he decided words weren’t doing the trick to move his candy, he allegedly broke a man’s nose for refusing his pitch. On Black Friday in November, Smith again hit a tourist who refused to buy his candy.

Smith reportedly bought sweets in bulk, marked up the price, and targeted unsuspecting New York tourists with this sales schtick. According to the New York Post, this kind of trick isn’t unheard of in Central Park — he and other schemers often find children to help them sell candy by telling tourists the money will go to a local school or sports team.

On December 9, the candy man approached yet another tourist in an attempt to sell him some licorice. When the potential customer refused, the salesman and his goon stole the victim’s wallet and ran.

There are no reports yet on whether he used the weapon to intimidate resistant buyers. The courts have the suspect in jail on a $25,000 bond at Rikers Island.

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