CBS Is Worried Indictment Could Help Donald Trump

( – On Sunday’s “Face the Nation” on CBS, fill-in host John Dickerson said he was concerned that Trump supporters in the Republican Party might attempt to frame the former president’s indictment as a positive, Newsbusters reported.

During the panel discussion, Dickerson said Trump supporters are framing his indictment as partisan and a “manipulation of the system,” which he believes could create an “appetite” for Trump.

He explained that if the system is rigged, Republicans are suggesting that they would prefer “the best rigger in the game” to be on their side.

CBS White House correspondent Ed O’Keefe downplayed Dickerson’s concern, saying while polling continues to show Donald Trump leading the GOP primary field, Trump will likely lose again in the general election.

O’Keefe said Americans by a large margin believe that Trump should be prosecuted. Trump lost in 2020, O’Keefe added, and nothing so far suggests that he would win the general election in 2024 except for some very early “horse race numbers” in the polls.

O’Keefe said that polls of what voters want from a president give Democrats some reason to be hopeful about their chances in the general election.

As an example, O’Keefe said voters name things like “truthfulness,” “character,” and “empathy” as important characteristics of a president, while things like “energetic,” “youthful,” and “articulate” tend to be at the bottom of the list.

O’Keefe then suggested that voters wanting a truthful president more than a youthful one is good news for the Biden campaign. He added that this is one reason Democrats remain hopeful that if the GOP nominee is Donald Trump, “they can still win this thing.”

What O’Keefe failed to acknowledge, however, is that both Joe Biden and Donald Trump have very low approval numbers among voters, with both candidates hovering at around 20 to 25 points underwater.

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