Check Your Pantry and Clear Out Contaminated Gravy

( – In November, Seneca Foods recalled glass jars of its Hy-Vee Turkey Gravy for containing beef and a soy allergen not declared on the label, CNN reported.

A recall announcement from the FDA instructed consumers to return the jars to the store for a refund.

For those allergic or sensitive to soy, consumption can cause a serious or even life-threatening allergic reaction. However, Seneca Foods said it was not aware of any reports of illnesses related the the product.

For further details on the recall, visit the FDA’s website.

The Hy-Vee recall comes as federal officials are still trying to determine the extent of lead poisoning among toddlers from tainted applesauce pouches recalled in October.

ABC News reported last week that the CDC reported over 205 confirmed or probable cases as of December 20 among young children exposed to the tainted applesauce pouches manufactured by the Ecuadoran company Negasmart.

The FDA announced last week that “extremely high” levels of lead were found in the cinnamon used at the Negasmart plant in the applesauce pouches sold under the brand names Weis, Schnucks, and WanaBana.

Following the monthslong investigation, the FDA said it believed the lead contamination was the result of Negasmart cutting corners to save money.

A senior official told ABC News that the FDA believes that Negasmart “deliberately sourced cheap materials.”

Blood tests showed that the toddlers who consumed the applesauce had lead levels up to eight times higher than the 3.5 micrograms per deciliter level used by the CDC to identify higher-than-normal lead levels in children.

According to the FDA, there have been 65 confirmed reports of adverse events among children in 27 states possibly linked to the products in children younger than 1 year old and children as old as six.

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