China Delivers Bold Threat to Japan in Disturbing Video

China Delivers Bold Threat to Japan In Disturbing Video, Reports Say

( – The diplomatic situation between mainland China — the Communist People’s Republic of China (PRC) — and Taiwan — the Capitalist Republic of China (ROC) — is… complicated, to say the least.

The PRC claims it’s the legitimate government of both entities, what they call the one-China “principle” where most of the rest of the world, including the United States, adopt a one-China “policy.” The difference is the government in Beijing considers the island nation as simply a breakaway province. Everybody else “recognizes” the Communist regime believes this to be true but goes on treating Taiwan as an independent country in all ways short of full diplomatic recognition.

The PRC has taken an increasingly belligerent stance since the inauguration of President Joe Biden — perhaps, some believe, thinking he’s more malleable than former President Donald Trump — sending fighters and bombers into the island’s airspace several times. In an article dated July 6, the Japan Times reported Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso said if the mainland government uses military force on Taiwan, then “Japan and the US must defend Taiwan together.”

Apparently, his statement didn’t sit well with everybody. A group of social media influencers uploaded a video to the sharing platform, Xigua, saying that their country would drop nuclear bombs on Japan until they “unconditionally surrender a second time [an apparent reference to the end of World War II].” One might ask, what’s the big deal if a bunch of nut jobs puts a video on their version of YouTube?

The answer is, it didn’t stop there. The video was reposted by the official Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in one of the Northwest provinces and given tacit approval by the central government when it was permitted to stay. Saber rattling to the extent of threatening World War III is extraordinarily reckless.

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