China Takes Action Against Free Speech For Bloggers

Chinese Bloggers Face New Restrictions

( – The People’s Republic of China is known as an oppressive type of government that closely monitors its citizens and is not overly concerned with their privacy or civil rights. Now, a law stating that bloggers in that country must get government permission to write articles about current affairs is about to be enforced.

The Cyberspace Administration of China will now require permits for bloggers to write about politics, military, health (COVID-19 inspired?), economics, education, and judicial matters. According to Fox News, this rule has been in effect for political and military topics since 2017, but it wasn’t enforced. Now, the law is expanding, which impacts Chinese bloggers’ ability to write about all types of topics.

This new development is already impacting bloggers writing for Chinese sites. One international relations professor and frequent blogger, Ma Xiaolin, revealed a few weeks ago that he was asked not to post about politics or other major subjects.

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