China Threatens ‘Countermeasures’ Over Reports of Olympics Boycott

China Threatens 'Countermeasures' Over Reports of Olympics Boycott

( – Every four years, one country hosts the Winter Olympic Games, where athletes from all over the world gather to compete in multi-sport events. In 2022, the games are scheduled to take place in Beijing, China. However, the Biden administration announced on December 6 that it would be staging a diplomatic boycott of the games. Reports of the boycott came out the previous day, and China responded by stating it would retaliate with “firm countermeasures.”

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian stated the move would be “outright political provocation” and would affect cooperation between China and the US. After the official announcement, Lijian added that the boycott “violates the principle of political neutrality” of the Olympics,” promising that there would be a price to pay.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki announced that US athletes will still compete and have the country’s support, but the United States won’t contribute to the “fanfare of the games.” She cited the reason for the boycott as the alleged human rights violations happening in China, saying the US would not conduct business while pretending the atrocities in Xinjiang aren’t happening.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Robert Menendez (D-NJ) also asked other allied countries and partners to join the US in its action.

Australia said it’s also considering a diplomatic boycott, while Lithuania asked other EU members to coordinate and possibly make a similar effort. Meanwhile, China has warned the US to “stop politicizing sports.”

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