Chinese Spy Operation Discovered Through Social Media

Chinese Spy Operation Discovered Through Social Media

( – We recently reported that the Chinese government was involved in a major hacking operation against Microsoft Exchange that gave it backdoor access points to the servers of many government agencies and business entities globally. China is reportedly using cyber espionage to spy on those they consider enemies while using traditional military and cyber warfare to influence the rest of the world.

Facebook representatives said they blocked a group of hackers from China trying to surveil Uyghur Muslims living abroad by infecting their devices.

It is believed that Beijing has undertaken a terror campaign aimed at the ethnic Uyghur Muslim minority population located in the country’s Xinjiang region. As a result, several countries have issued diplomatic and economic sanctions against China. Accusations of human rights violations include the imprisonment of over 1 million Uyghurs in concentration camps. Atrocities against the Uyghurs involve using them as slave labor in China’s cotton industry and forced sterilizations of females.

The European Union (EU) led with sanctions against four Beijing officials, and the US, Britain and Canada quickly followed suit. Now, Beijing is actively encouraging its citizens to boycott certain Western clothing manufacturers over the forced workforce allegations.

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