Chris Wallace Weighs in on Harris’ Border Crisis Role

Chris Wallace Weighs in on Harris' Border Crisis Role

( – When President Joe Biden announced Vice President Kamala Harris as the point person to handle the diplomacy aspect of the debacle at the southern border of the United States, one may have thought she would go and see the conditions for herself. If so, they’d be wrong. Fox News anchor Chris Wallace has offered up one possible reason that she hasn’t seemed willing to touch it with a thousand-mile pole.

Wallace said he thinks Harris knows the situation at the border is a disaster and “doesn’t want her fingerprints on it.” This makes sense from a political standpoint. For politicians, optics are crucial to their success, and Harris has made no secret of the fact that she would like to climb one more rung on the American political ladder. If the situation at the border continues to degrade under her watch, it could spell doom for her political career.

To call this a hot potato might be a gross understatement with suspected terrorists being nabbed there and thousands of children walking — or being thrown — across the border. The possibility of anybody closely associated with it coming out smelling like a bouquet of roses is very unlikely.

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