Citizens of Rural Town Suffer From Insanely High Gas Prices

Citizens of Rural Town Suffer From Insanely High Gas Prices

( – Gas prices have been steadily climbing since November 2020, increasing from a starting nationwide average of $2.20 per gallon to over $3.27 in September 2021. Of course, that number varies across the states and even differs per county, with the lowest gas price averages in Oklahoma and the highest in California. But nowhere in the country are the gasoline costs worse than in the rural town of Gorda in the Golden State. Americans are paying a startling $7.59 per gallon for regular and just under $8.50 for premium in the little town.

While Gorda, a remote, isolated burg with only one gas station, seems to be the extreme case, clearly, Americans everywhere are struggling to fill their tanks these days.

There are multiple reasons for the gasoline cost hikes across the United States and the world, including supply chain disruptions and the price of crude oil. The fuel demand is increasing as people take vacations and go back to work. But while demand increases, supply has not, leading to consumers paying more for gas.

Although the United States is a large producer of crude oil, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC+) controls overall production, which is still not up to pre-pandemic levels.

If our country doesn’t address the supply chain problems and halt artificially inflated pricing at the pump, American families could continue to suffer financially well into 2022.

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