Clinton Family Investigations Were All Mysteriously Dropped

( – The recent Durham Report showed more than a flawed investigation into former President Donald Trump, but that there were at least four criminal investigations open looking into both Hillary Clinton and Former President Bill Clinton in 2016, just months before the presidential election that year.

The report released by special counsel John Durham created shockwaves over the last week as concluded that there was no solid foundation to investigate Trump for accusations of colluding with Russia, which was described as “seriously flawed.” Yet one of the other revelations of the report is these multiple probes into the Clintons that were simply dismissed.

Three of the investigations were looking into claims that certain individuals and foreign governments were also trying to influence the Clintons by making donations to the Clinton Foundation as well as Hillary’s 2016 campaign. The fourth was looking into allegations that Hillary never stopped collecting illegal donations throughout her campaign for president, which was claimed by a source close to the Clintons. The allegations go back to her time serving as Secretary of State.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, a Clinton Foundation spokesperson denied the allegations against the non-profit, adamant that the organization has never participated in illegal activity. The spokesperson also claimed that the Durham report actually made it clear that there was never “any wrongdoing” by the foundation.

The spokesperson claimed no money was taken from the non-profit by the Clintons, who are themselves large donors.

Many Republicans believe Hillary should have been indicted and charged on these allegations, but apparently, the FBI felt differently when they decided to close the investigations just a few months before the 2016 presidential election. And then later, of course, Hillary got away after the revelations of her email scandal during the election, inspiring the popular chant amongst the GOP to “lock her up.”

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