CNN Interview Gets Physical With Chris Wallace

( – A CNN interview with Chris Wallace got physical between Democratic Senator Ben Cardin and GOP Senator Bill Cassidy, according to Mediaite. On an episode of “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace,” the two senators were seated side by side to discuss the debt and spending issue.

Wallace brought up the looming concern that the United States is going to default on the national debt. He said that the Federal Reserve has increased interest rates for the tenth time since inflation reached an all-time high in over 40 years last year. Now, interest rates are over 5 percent from zero. Wallace asked how the Fed should tackle inflation and whether or not the country is facing the possibility of a recession. 

Cardin spoke about “restraint,” and argued that interest rates have a negative impact on the economy. But he also said that the economy is strong because of “economic growth” and the rising “employment numbers.” But he cautioned against interest rates and advocated for a “soft landing.” 

The Republican senator, however, took a different direction and instead highlighted the excessive spending that triggered inflation. Cassidy said that the Fed is not in good shape and that they are trying to deal with the Biden administration’s policies. He claimed that inflation began when Biden passed his $1.9 trillion package. 

The package was reportedly intended to jumpstart the economy, but Republicans argue that it added to an already bloated debt. Cardin disagreed with Cassidy and blamed the Trump administration for the debt that Biden inherited. The two then began to talk over one another but Cardin tried to shut it down by putting his hand on Cassidy’s hand and told him to “wait one minute.” 

Cardin blamed a 2017 tax bill under the Trump administration that he claims is still benefiting the wealthy and added to the debt.

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