CNN’s Chris Cuomo Threatens Republicans on Camera (WATCH)

CNN's Chris Cuomo Threatens Republicans on Camera (WATCH)

( – Chris Cuomo is well known for being an outspoken Liberal commentator. On Wednesday, November 11, during his primetime show, Cuomo attacked “GOP cronies” and Trump supporters for not conceding the election yet and instead allowing “crazy to become as contagious as COVID.”

In a politicized Veterans Day speech, Cuomo told Republicans “shame on you” for denying the media-projected election results, that have not yet been certified:

Notice that Cuomo ends his rant with a threat that Republicans “are going to lose way more than this election.” While he did not specifically outline what he hopes nearly half of America will lose, it’s a clear threat against American citizens.

When this threat is added to Cuomo’s previous threats to hurt, punch, and choke those who disagree with him, skepticism about this man’s reporting is warranted. Let’s hope for everyone’s sake that Cuomo never acts upon his emotional reactions to viewpoints that differ from his.

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