College Campuses Erupt Over Middle East Conflict

( – The anti-Israel sentiment on US college campuses reached a fever pitch following Hamas’ brutal and deadly attack on Israel last weekend, The Hill reported.

Over thirty Harvard University student organizations signed on to a statement blaming Israel for the Hamas attacks. However, some of the groups that joined in the statement later retracted their support after the names of the members were reported by Townhall contributor John Hasson.

After the Harvard groups released their joint statement, the Jewish group Harvard Hillel responded it was “deeply pained” to encounter “further hatred and anti-Semitism” at Harvard.

At the University of Virginia, the pro-Hamas group Students for Justice in Palestine released a statement justifying Hamas’ grisly actions that left more than 1,200 Israelis dead, including entire families, and over 100 taken hostage, calling it “a step towards a free Palestine.”

The group described the Iranian-backed terrorists as “Palestinian resistance fighters” who are “seeking freedom and a better world.”

Jewish on Campus COO Micah Gritz told The Hill that following Saturday’s attacks, the “campus environment” became “horrifying,” with Israeli and Jewish students “incredibly scared.”

Gritz said campuses are seeing students who are either turning a blind eye to what happened or are “openly celebrating,” “glorifying,” and “justifying” the brutal attack while “casting the murder of Jews and Israelis” as “liberation.”

The bloodthirsty nature of the anti-Israel sentiment both on campus and in US cities like New York has been so stark that even anti-Israel Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke out, saying in a statement that the “bigotry and callousness” shown during the rally in Times Square last weekend “were unacceptable and harmful.”

Meanwhile, at Indiana University last Monday, pro-Hamas demonstrators clashed with pro-Israel demonstrators, with the two sides yelling at each other while a line of police stood between them.

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