Collins Dictionary Announces Word of the Year

Collins Dictionary Announces Word of the Year

( – Every December, two types of stories seem to crop up everywhere and either review the last year or preview the next. Many dictionaries examine word usage and then select one that seems to have made the greatest impact on the collective consciousness.

Collins Dictionary is no different, and their experts scour available sources to pin one down. Recent winners include:

2015: binge-watch
2016: Brexit
2017: fake news

For 2020, they and many others chose to go with something related to the COVID-19 pandemic that’s impacted the entire planet like nothing in recent history. And the winner is … lockdown.

According to the Collins word mavens, the word created a “unifying experience for billions of people across the world…” Other contenders were “social distancing” and “key worker” among others. And who would argue with any of them?

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