Company Captures Alarming Images of China

China Practicing With Missiles Using Warship Mock-Ups, Report Says

( – Maxar, a space technology and intelligence company that monitors global change for various countries, caught some unexpected images in the Taklamakan Desert in China. Satellite pictures of the northwestern Xinjiang region showed what appear to be targets designed to look like US Navy warships. The new images and recent reports about about the communist country accelerating its nuclear stockpile raise alarms about its intentions.

An analysis by the US Naval Institute says the vessel mock-ups appear to be for “multiple uses over time.” The area was also reportedly the site for the country’s recent ballistic missile testing.

Although the Biden administration has not commented on this particular find, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned the Asian country in July to “cease its provocative behavior.” That statement occurred in response to the Chinese military firing live ballistic missiles into the South China Sea.

Perhaps more unnerving was the country’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Wang Wenbin’s response to the alleged mock-up discovery. In a briefing on November 8, he denied any knowledge of the situation.

Given the uptick in military movements in China and General Mark Milley’s recent statements about concerns over its technological advances in weapons systems, one has to wonder why there is such exacting preparation for US targets.

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