Ex-Cop From January 6th Jailed Before Trial

Cop From January 6th Jailed Before Trial

(HorizonPost.com) – The events of January 6 have been broadcast around the world many times over. Investigators have pored over the videos and still pictures, trying to identify people who were involved. One person currently on trial for his alleged involvement, (now former) Rocky Mount, Virginia Police Officer Thomas Robertson, just found himself on the wrong end of the judge’s ire.

In Mr. Robertson’s case, the judge had decided to allow him to stay out of jail until the conclusion of his trial. To remain free, the judge ordered he must observe certain conditions. In particular, he would be free as long as he “did not possess a firearm, destructive device, or other weapon [sic].” Unfortunately for the ex-cop, the judge took exception to information received from the prosecutor through the FBI and revoked his freedom of movement.

According to court documents, federal agents executed a search warrant and discovered Robertson had “an arsenal of 34 firearms” waiting to be picked up at a local gun store, “a loaded M4 rifle,” and “a partially assembled pipe bomb.” Prosecutors also allege that the defendant posted statements online, including a lesson he’d learned from someone who told him, “If you dip your toe into the Rubicon… cross it. Cross it hard and violent and play for all the marbles.”

The judge took this and other postings to mean that Mr. Robertson still believed a violent overthrow of the federal government was a viable means of protest. To that end, he ruled it was time for the defendant to await trial in a jail cell.

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