DEA Agent Sentenced to Over 13 Years Behind Bars

DEA Agent Sentenced to Over 13 Years Behind Bars

( – It sounds like it could be the plot line for an episode of NCIS: New Orleans. Once a rising star in the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), agent Chad Scott was sentenced just over 13 years in prison by a federal judge for his involvement in a corruption case. Unfortunately, if a television show were made, it would be a reality show instead of a work of fiction.

Scott was part of a task force that acted more like one of the crime syndicates they were supposed to bring to justice. Johnny Domingue and Karl Newman, both Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies who had previously pleaded guilty for their roles, testified against their former teammate.

Ex-agent Scott’s fall has been a long one. He first came under investigation about five years ago, and in 2019, he was convicted on seven counts, including perjury and falsification of government records, with the two former deputies again testifying against him, according to a story on Earlier in 2021, he was found guilty on two counts of stealing the personal property of people he arrested and keeping it for his own gain.

According to a DOJ press release, all trials arose from the same offense, but the presiding judge ordered them split into separate trials. The disgraced police officers literally did what former President Donald Trump regularly accused Hillary Clinton of doing — they threw evidence into the swamps spread across the area.

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