Debt-Stricken Teachers Opt For OnlyFans Amid Financial Woes

( – Two teachers from a Missouri high school were both placed on leave in recent months after school officials discovered that they were operating OnlyFans porn accounts, which both teachers said were to help pay off their student loan debt, Fox News reported.

St. Clair High School English teacher Brianna Coppage was suspended in September after someone from the Sullivan School District reported that she was running an OnlyFans account.

Weeks after she was placed on leave, Coppage resigned from her $ 42,000-a-year teaching position. She told Fox that she made nearly a million dollars from her OnlyFans account.

In late October, a second St. Clair High School English teacher, Megan Gaither, was also put on leave after the school learned of her OnlyFans account.

In a recent interview, Gaither said she started the account to pay down her student loan debt of $125,000 since her $47,500 salary for teaching English and coaching the cheerleading squad wouldn’t cut it.

According to the National Education Association, those seeking a teaching degree on average take out $55,000 in student loans.

Gaither said she was bringing in an additional $3,000 to $5,000 a month with her OnlyFans account.

In a post on Facebook, Gaither defended her decision to pursue a “side hustle,” saying that at least she wasn’t neglecting her responsibility to pay back her student loan.

Canadian teaching assistant Kristin MacDonald, who lost her position in June over her OnlyFans account, told Fox News that after the school found out about her account, she was told to deactivate all of her social media under her OnlyFans name “Ava James.” When MacDonald refused, she was terminated.

A teacher in Arizona resigned after some students in the middle school where she taught discovered her OnlyFans account which included some content recorded in a classroom.

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