Democrat Used Campaign Money at Strip Club, Report Reveals

Democrat Used Campaign Money at Strip Club, Report Reveals

( – Michigan State Representative Jewell Jones (D) was apparently performing a community… outreach, perhaps… to “meet people where they’re at.” At least, that’s his story, and he’s doubling down on it. The paperwork filed with the state claims he spent $221 discussing “economic development” at the Pantheion Club in Dearborn, Michigan. It’s quite possible he was stimulating the local economy $1 at a time.

The lawmaker claims the place has “great lamb chops” but left off any review of the live entertainment — which at this location means women who are dancing in various stages of undress. Politicians frequently meet constituents, potential backers, and one another at restaurants and use campaign money to pay the bill. But as Simon Schuster, director of the watchdog group Michigan Campaign Finance Network puts it, doing so at an adult entertainment venue “truly pushes the limit of credulity.”

This brush with controversy is not Representative Jones’ only recent incident to make headlines in the news. On April 6, 2021, he was involved in a single-car accident after driving into a ditch with a blood alcohol content (BAC) reportedly at 0.19%, which is more than twice the 0.08% legal limit in the state.

He was so combative with first responders, police had to deploy tasers and pepper spray, according to the Livingston County prosecutor that handled his arraignment hearing. He’s, of course, innocent until proven guilty, but his alleged actions leave one to wonder if he’s auditioning to join the big dogs of the Democratic Party in Washington, DC.

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