Democrats Draw Backlash for Passing Union Bill

Democrats Draw Backlash for Union Bill

( – Democrats continue to use their slim majority in the House of Representatives to shove through any legislation they deem fit with only marginal Republican input. In fact, they are verbally abusing Conservatives from the floor according to a March 10 Associated Press article. And now, they’ve done it again — this time with the “Protecting the Right to Organize Act,” which is chock-full of items from the Progressive Agenda.

Representative Virginia Foxx (R-NC) said, “this far-reaching legislation is nothing more than a union boss wish list.” In that vein, it directly attacks the Supreme Court decision from 2018 in Epic Systems v. Lewis. The case states the employer is allowed to enforce agreements to use arbitration rather than litigation for dispute resolution, which the official fact sheet deems a “radical assault on workers rights.”

It also checks off another box on the leftist card by granting even more protections for illegal immigrants. Congresswoman Foxx was not alone in criticizing the measure from the floor. Representative Bob Good (R-VA) joined her. Unless Senate Democrats can do away with the filibuster, Republicans will likely block the legislation in that chamber.

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